Leadership Retreats

House of GG logo.
Participants at House of GG’s very first retreat held in Hot Springs, Arkansas (2018).

In urban centers and small cities across the South we work with local Trans women to organize retreats for those who want to build connection to each other: family and communities that support their lives.

These retreats focus on leadership and organizing skills, healing, mutual reliance, and most importantly, strong caring relationships. They are led by Miss Major and local women working together.

We have to be able to be safe wherever we want to live, and in order to do that we must learn and share our skills much more broadly with each other. I realized that we need a place to learn, be loved on, and be in deeper relationship. In our community, we really are not familiar with what it means to have elders around. More of us are living longer and openly. The role in families of parents is to teach young people how to live. The role of the grandparents and elders is to teach them to love. They need the love, practical skills, and information directly from those in our communities who have been around long enough to know what to teach them.

Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

As these retreats grow, we will offer some retreats that bring women from different parts of the South together to share their work and ideas for a “stronger together” region that can support Trans women of color.

Various study topics will cover such focus areas as community outreach and organizing; violence prevention/reporting; developing community resources and allies; navigating trans politics; fundraising; and Advocacy & Activism 101.

All-inclusive expense paid scholarships are provided for every retreat participant. This includes round-trip travel to the Little Rock site; transport to and from the Retreat site; all food (3 meals and snacks per day); lodging; study materials; and social activities.  Each series session begins on Thursday and ends on Sunday.

What is a Real Retreat Like?


House of GG brought together local Virginian Tarena Williams – a participant in earlier House of GG leadership retreats – and the communities in the Hampton Roads area of Northeastern Virginia. The Trans community has historically been at odds here, due to the existence of two separate ‘houses’ of Trans and GNC people.

A group photo from the House of GG retreat in Virginia Beach, with STRC, late 2018.

During a three-day retreat, Tarena, Miss Major and Daroneshia Duncan of TAKE Resource Center brought together people who for the first time spent time under one roof. Old wounds were bandaged, and in some cases healed, and Tarena has since jumpstarted the Southeastern Virginia Transgender Resource Center with the help of other retreat participants.

The Oasis Retreat Center

House of GG is raising money to build a permanent space where transgender people can come, feel safe, and be part of a growing network of Southern trans people who are working for social justice.

House of GG will be an Oasis. A place to learn how to take care of yourself, learn to relax, how to make sure your activism is authentic so our leaders don’t get burnt out after a few years. It will be a place that helps us to take things less personal, to let go, and connect with people where they are. To lead you have to be consistent, continuous, and love people for who they are. That is what it takes to stay in the work. Mostly, no one has been there to teach us. All human beings go through transitions sorting out who we are as we come of age, no matter who we are. Everyone searches for their identity when they become an adult. I want to help the Trans girls and all my gender non-conforming folks learn this, as it is very hard to figure out on our own.

-Miss Major Griffin-Gracy

As transgender and gender-nonconforming people living in the South, we need a safe space that is just for us, and we’re in the process of securing that space.

House of GG board member Tracie O’Brien leads a session at the Hot Springs, AR retreat.

100 percent of the money you donate through this link will go toward the purchase and furnishing of a place where trans people from around the country can feel safe and supported, right here in Little Rock, Arkansas.