Appreciating Sharyn

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Sharyn Grayson

The House of GG wants to take a moment to appreciate House of GG’s Sharyn Grayson, who is due to be honored at the Community Awards & Gala put on by the Birmingham, Alabama-based organization TAKE this weekend. (TAKE’s leader, longtime advocate Daroneshia Duncan, attended the first House of GG retreat in Hot Springs, Arkansas. She later stepped in to mentor the girls and gender nonconforming attendees at the House of GG retreat in Virginia Beach.)

As we congratulate Sharyn on her many accomplishments, including her work at San Francisco’s Tenderloin AIDS Resource Center where she and Miss Major, we are also committed to supporting Sharyn as she fights cancer for the second time.

She’s a woman of resilience and strength, and the House and the community who adore her will do everything we can to make sure Sharyn is healthy, A.S.A.P.

Please keep her in your thoughts!