"ACCESS IS LOVE" with a red heart as the ‘O’ in LOVE.

House of GG is honored to be the first featuree of the #AccessIsLove project.

Access Is Love aims to help build a world where accessibility is understood as an act of love, instead of a burden or an after-thought. It is an initiative to raise awareness about accessibility and encourage people to incorporate access in their everyday practices and lives.

For the months of February-March, 2019, we invite you to share about Access Is Love. You can support by doing some of the basic suggested access actionsbuy a shirt or read some of the great links we have put together as a starting place. We welcome you to continue a conversation on access, solidarity, and disability justice as a practice of love by using the hashtag #AccessIsLove on twitter, facebook, and instagram.

Access Is Love was inspired from, the opening keynote of the 2018 Disability Intersectionality Summit (Oct 2018), “Disability Justice is Simply Another Word for Love.”


On March 26, we participated in #AccessIsLove’s Twitter chat. Check out the conversation here!